How Do You Define A Novel?


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A novel is defined as a fictional story involving a plot which is revealed by actions of different characters. It is a type of a lengthy story. It contains a series of events of different genre such as romance, action, thriller, history, Goth and many more. It usually contains a lot of people and how the story affects their lives. Novels evolved in England, Russia, United States and the former Soviet Union. Imagination is an essential part of a novel. Some of the famous novelists include, Daniel Defoe, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and in today's world Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown among others.
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The word novel, when used as noun, is defined as an extended work of fiction which is written in prose. Novels are usually written in the form of a story. The adjective form of the word novel is synonymous with the adjective fresh, which means pleasantly new, different, original and of a kind which has never been seen before. A novel is basically a book which has been printed and bound. It contains a work of fiction which is extended.

A person who writes a novel is known as a novelist. A novel is a work that comprises written narrative, prose or fiction which is usually in the form of a story. The English word novel has been derived from the Italian word novella, which means a tale or a piece of news. A novel is usually longer than a tale or a piece of news. It is a story that contains at least 40, 000 words or more. It has a more complex plot than either a short story or a novella. Novels are not bound by the structural and metrical restrictions of plays or poetry.

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