How Do You Define "Harmony"?


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Harmony can be defined as unity in feeling or views. Whenever there is an atmosphere of mutual understanding and conformation of opinions, it gives rise to a harmonious environment. The word harmony has originated from the Greek word harmonía which means "to fasten or join". The word was coined during the days of Pythagoras, the famed Greek mathematician. A suitable arrangement of parts to make a well defined whole also agrees with the definition of being harmonious. For example, in a design, if the symmetry, balance, proportion is evenly done, then the finished product appears to be in harmony.

The word harmony also finds its echoes in the world of music. Harmony in music is the study of the progression, structure, composition and usage of chords. The sound of two or more musical notes at the same time, which is pleasing to the ears, is called harmony. Rhythm, melody and harmony are elements of music.

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