What Is The Meaning Of The Name Anaya?


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Most of the many popular sites quoting baby names and their meanings suggest that the name Anaya is a variation of the Hebrew name Anaia, Anaija or Anaijah.

As with most names of Hebrew origin, this is then traced back to some variant which can be found in the Bible. The resulting meaning of the name in this context would consequently be 'God answers'.

The Sanskrit meaning of the name translates to 'completely free', or 'one who cannot be easily got hold of'. Anaya was one of the many names used to describe Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of purity, wealth, prosperity, generosity and the embodiment of grace, beauty and charm.

The Nigerian name Anaya means 'looks up to God', while the Arabic meaning of it is graceful.

Another possibility is that the name is actually a direct use of the Hispanic surname Anaya, originating from the pre-Hispanic Tarascan Indian tribe, otherwise referred to as the Purepecha. Here the name means 'by the water'.

This makes sense considering that many of the tribe's clans lived by lakes in the northwest of Mexican state Michoacan. Michoacan derives its name from 'Michihuaque', the Nahuatl name for the Tarascans, meaning 'those who have fish'.

The Purepecha language is still spoken by many today, and the surname Anaya is still very much in use, as in Elena Anaya, the Spanish actress, for example.

According to numerology, individuals with the name Anaya have a tendency to be warm, nurturing people. Extremely reliable, they are frequently found involved in the care of others.

Their deep-rooted need to create harmony in their surroundings and an inability to say 'no' can at times lead to others taking advantage of them.

It is likely that they will be successful in a career as a teacher, nurse, personal assistant or caterer.
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When the name Anaya is taken in view from the Indian (Sanskrit) origin , then the meaning of the name is completely free.

Anaya in the Hebrew origin, it is mostly used as a male name. The name is variant of the word anaiah which means the answer of God.

The name Anaya when from African origin means look up to God.
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The  Name ANAYA is a girl's name. The origin of the baby name ANAYA is Nigerian  name  meaning  'look  up  to  God.
Anaya is also an Arabic name meaning Graceful,
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