What Is The Meaning Of Moran?

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As a forename the meaning of Moran is believed to be 'teacher' or 'guide' and is said to originate from the Hebrew language, however the meaning of the surname Moran is thought to be 'descendant of the great one' although great is intended in the sense of being large as opposed to being exceptional. This surname is believed to be of Irish origin.

  • Other possible meanings
Idiot - After a photograph went viral over the internet of a pro-war supporter at a rally in Missouri, USA held aloft a placard displaying the slogan "Get A Brain! Morans" many people now use this misspelling of moron when being ironic.

Ill-murran Warrior - According to the Oxford English Dictionary Moran is the Maa word for a young unwed Masai Warrior graduate between the age of 12 and 25.

'Our Lord' - A Cyriac word given to Jesus Christ meaning Our Lord. Cyriac is an ancient language dating back to the first century AD and is still in use today in some parts of the middle-east.

Multi-Operator Radio Access Network - An acronym referring to a method where multiple mobile phone service providers cooperate in sharing the same radio access network in order to save money and supposedly provide a more efficient service.

  • Famous Morans
George Clarence Moran - Better known as 'Bugs' Moran. A notorious Irish-American Chicago gangster and bootlegger. Most famous for being the failed target of Al Capone's infamous St Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929.

Tommy Moran - A Champion Boxer and a prominent member of the British Union of Fascists (the English equivalent of the Nazi Party) and close acquaintance of Oswald Mosely and Benito Mussolini who in a posthumous recording played at Moran's funeral declared "he was a fine man".

Judy Moran - This head of the Moran crime family in Australia was sentenced to 26 years for murdering her brother-in-law, although she herself did not pull the trigger she was charged with instigating the crime.

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