What Does The Name Abraham Mean?


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In English this name is pronounced AY-bra-ham. The older Hebrew form of this name is Avraham . Its original meaning is uncertain, but it is explained in the Bible (Genesis 17:5) as meaning "father of a multitude." In the Old Testament, Abraham was the first of the Patriarchs and was promised by God that his descendants would live in and own the land of Canaan. It has always been a popular Jewish name, and has also had periods of high popularity among Christians. The early Puritan American settlers in the 17th century were especially fond of the name. It also had a revival in the 19th century in America due to the fame of President Abraham Lincoln.

A less common variant of Abraham is Abram. This may originally have been a different Hebrew name meaning "high father;" nowadays, though, the two names are regarded as the same.
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Abraham means "a father of a multitude (many)" in Hebrew.  Prior to his name change he was known as "Abram" which means "exalted father"

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