What Does The Name Haran Mean?


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Haran is a name with a lot of Biblical importance. Haran in Hebrew language means "crossroads." The meaning is metamorphical, implying that "a place of decision."

Haran is Abraham's brother and Caleb's son. Genesis shows that Haran was the father of Lot, Milcah and Iscah (Genesis 11:27, 29). The book Genesis further shows that Abram (Abraham) lived in Haran, a town in ancient Near East for about 5 years before proceeding to Cannan, which is the current day Israel-Palestine valley.

Mary Cleere Haran was the name of a vocal musician who was quite a singing sensation when the 80s revived interest in cabaret singing and classic pop. "This heart of mine" and "Memory of all that" are two of her famed hits. She made her Broadway debut as band singer back in The 1940s Radio Hour back in 1979.
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Haran is a biblical character. He is the son of Terah. He is also the brother of Nahor and Abraham. Lot, Milcah and Iscah were the children of Haran. H it is a name in Hebrew. It means a mountaineer. It is said that he died before his father Terah.

Haran is also the name of a place in western Asia. Legend says that Abraham lived here until the death of Terah, Haran's father. He lived there for around five years before he moved away to Canaan which refers to present day Palestine. Another place named Harran which is situated near Syria and Turkey is a district in Sanliurfa. It is a well known archaeological site because it is the place of an ancient city which was a great commercial centre. One story says that Adam and Eve after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden set foot in this city.

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