What Does My Name Millicent Mean?


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Millicent is an unusual name now, although it has been very popular in the English-speaking world at different times. In origin it is a French name; the original French version was MELISENDE (more commonly spelled Melisande later.) Like many old French names, Melisende had a Germanic root. It is derived from the Germanic words amal "work" or "labour" and swinth "strength." So roughly, it could translate as "strong labourere" or "hard worker."

In the Middle Ages, the later name of Melisande was very popular and is associated with medieval romances. After Melisande spread to England (due to the 1066 Norman Conquest) it became popular there too, and over time gradually became Anglicised into Millicent.

The name Millicent is typically shortened to Millie, which nowadays is sometimes given to girls as a name in its own right. Millie can also be a short form of the even more unusual name Mildred, but it is usually based on Millicent.
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Millicent is mainly used for females. English is its origin and it has a lovely meaning that is "Strong Work"
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Strong Work

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