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PS has three main, commonly used meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. One of these meanings, often used on computers, is PhotoShop. Another is PlayStation, although this is often followed by a number, such as PS2 or PS3, for instance. It is, however, likely that this question refers to the PS frequently found after a signature at the end of a letter.

  • PS After the Main Part of a Letter
Probably the oldest, and perhaps most widely spread use of PS is at the end of letters. Here it stands for post script, which comes from the Latin post scriptum and literally means after writing, or written after. It is placed after the signature and indicates to the reader that something else, an after thought or an additional note, is to follow. Sometimes this is followed by a PPS, which basically means post-post script, or an after-after thought.

  • Other Meanings
As with many other abbreviations, there are a whole host of other possible meanings for PS. Some of the more generally known meanings include passenger steamer, police sergeant, prime suspect, permanent secretary and private secretary, as well as prompt side, psalm or psalms, privy seal and public school.

  • More Meanings
Then of course there are power supply, per second, progressive scan and public service, not to forget personalized setting, primary school, print server, photo synthesis and professional services. These are just some of the many meanings just a simple search came up with.

  • More to Come
So far, without trying very hard, a total of 156 meanings, including the ones listed above, have been pinpointed through Abbreviations. The Acronym Finder, a site providing comprehensive lists of possibilities, managed to come up with a grand total of 230 choices, also including those already listed above.
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You write it, when you forget something to mention in the letter then you write it in the end....
Thats what PS means...
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A postscript (from post scriptum, a Latin expression meaning "after writing" and abbreviated PS) is a sentence, paragraph, or occasionally many ...
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P.S = Post Scriptum
P.S = Post Script

It basically means after what you've written.

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