What Does The Term Hardware Mean?


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Hardware is the common term which is used to denote physical parts of any technological equipment. It can refer to gear like keys, bolts, latches, handles, equipment for plumbing like pipes, metal parts of machines etc. Even though it used to generally refer to all types of hand tools, hardware actually meant the metal parts which served to strengthen wooden items, make them more durable, practical as well as convenient. Used in a wider sense, hardware can even mean bulky military machinery and as it is often used nowadays, computer equipment. Computer hardware basically consists of the physical aspects of the computer, involving even the digital circuits. It consists of elements like the monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. Although, actual computer hardware cannot be seen by users as it is located inside the system.
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Hardware  is solid parts of the computer system. Mouse, keyboard, tower, inner workings in the tower. Software is windows, programs with in the computer etc.

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