How Do You Say Baby In Arabic?


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The Arabic word for 'baby' (as in a newborn baby) is طفل. In the English alphabet the word can be spelled 'tefal', 'tefel', 'tifl', 'teflee' or 'tfl'.

There is no literal Arabic equivalent for 'baby' in the sense that the word is often used in English to refer to a loved one or partner. Some equivalent words in Arabic include:

• Habebee (حبيبي), which means 'my love'
• Azeezee (عزيزي), which means 'my dear'
• Rohee (روحي), which means 'my soul'
• Noor ainee (نور عيني), which means 'the light of my eyes'

Arabic is the name that is applied to Literary Arabic and all of its related languages and/or dialects of Central Semitic. In total there are more than 280 million native speakers of Arabic, primarily located in the Arab states of the Middle East and North Africa.

Literary Arabic (also known as Modern Standard Arabic) is widely taught in schools and universities. It is the official language of 26 different states and is also the liturgical language of Islam because it is the language in which the Koran (the Islamic Holy Book) is written. However Arabic in the Koran is different from spoken Arabic because the spoken version contains many words which have been borrowed from other languages.
In turn, Arabic has lent many words to other languages of the Islamic world, such as Turkish, Urdu, Hindi and Persian. European language also have Arabic influence because Literary Arabic was a major cultural influence in the Middle Ages.

Arabic, like all other Semitic languages, is written from right to left. This is in contrast to most Latin-based languages (such as English), which are written from left to right. The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 basic letters. After the Latin alphabet, it is the second most widely used alphabet across the world.

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