What Is The Arabic Word For Shrimp?


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The English word shrimp can be translated in the Arabic language as Caneeecae. It is pronounced as san-eee-sae. True shrimp are swimming, decapod creatures which belong to the group of creatures which is known as the crustaceans. They are classified in the infraorder Caridea. It is found all over the world, both in salt water as well as in fresh water.

The plural of the word shrimp is also shrimp (and not shrimps). Shrimp and prawns are widely caught and considered to be a delicacy. They are farmed for the purpose of human consumption. Shrimp is also the name of several species of crustaceans which are unrelated to the shrimp (they only share the same name).

The mantis shrimp and the opossum (which is also called the mysid shrimp) are two species of crustaceans which are unrelated to the shrimp. They, however, belong to the same class as the true shrimp, which is the class Malacostraca.

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