What Does Yvonne Mean?


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It means young archer
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A very intelligent and cute girl
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It is the female version of the French man's name YVON which itself is a medieval variant of the name YVES which derived from an old Germanic name meaning 'YEW' as in the species of tree.
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The meaning of the word Yvonne means "yew wood' and is the feminine version of Yves, the name of a saint conjugated with Ivo. Earlier Yew woods were used in making bows, so the name might have been an occupational name for an archer.

This name has seven different variants and some of them are as follows: Yvonna, Eevonne, Yvette, Yevette and Yvetta.

As a first name Yvonne is quite popular among females and its rank stands at 174 out of 4275 in the census of the United States in the year 1990. As a surname, this word is quite rare and could not even make it to the rankings in the same census.

Some of the famous personalities with this name or its variants are Tennis star Evonne Goolagong and actress Yvonne DeCarlo.

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