If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of them, what do you call it?


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Ha! :) if you have not learned this yet you never get rid of anything because you just may need that odd or end to hold something to gether or fix it. In other words one man's trash is another man's treasure .in other words why do you think women have garage sales and guys have auctions when they think they no longer need those odds and ends.they even find value in them when trying to get rid of them.this is where allllllllllll (millions)of these shops have popped up all over the world for reselling anything and everything you need or want.this is where also recycling came from and you see where all those bits and pieces ar enow made into(?)  guess what(?). I am wearing a pair of starter tennis shoes right now that are made of 70% plastic recycled bottles and i only paid 10 dollars for them because adidias just bought out starter and believe it or not these same shoes are now 9 dollars a pair. I just bought 2 more pair. This is what you get from literally taking the odds and ends and recycling them for a new purpose.just thought i would throw that out there.here is one for you i took some odds and ends from a specialty metal scrap yard and built myself a set of stainless steel nerf bars for my truck out of guess what-a set of recycled (literally)salad(stainless steel pipe) lines from a dairy factory.so odds and ends can make you either a thrifty spender or a billionaire if you are the one recycling those bits and pieces. I even asked the guy at the scrap yard what they do with all the old x-ray films he had in a huge box.believe it or not they recycle them by taking the metal out of them(usually a small bit of gold).so i guess the big question is wht you consider bits and pieces or odds and ends.i could go on but you get the idea.: )sometime the bits and pieces are the best parts.
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Some people say i am odd but i would rather be odd than even.because if your even you really don't need anything to make you whole. : )
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That explains all of Waynes sheds, and my junk drawer. :) And I do think your odd, in a good way. Lol
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The end (yeah i realize this is 1/3 of the joke: If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of
them, what do you call it ? If teachers taught, why didn't preachers
praught? If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?)
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Maybe one "odd-ball"?
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I would say the odd end
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Why didn't preachers praught, right? That's not the best joke, but I liked it at school. Damn, this joke is really old. I think I wasn't even in the fourth grade when I first heard it. This question made me nostalgic about times when I didn't care about money and getting entertained because everything was free and fun already. Well, now, with a job and Free Slots, I don't have to care about that too, but it was better in the past anyway.

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