What Does It Mean Non Judgemental Approach To Practice?


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Non-judgemental approach means to make a conscious effort not to be critical of the actions or thoughts of others.  If you are putting this into practise, then you are attempting to do your job while withholding judgement on your patient/subject/colleagues etc.  By attempting to reserve judgement, one is hopefully going to remain more open-minded and therefore more open to new ideas and theories.  It is not easy to reserve judgement and no one is entirely able to do so, but it is something one can strive for and put into practise as diligently as possible.
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One who does not look at another person as bad or good regardless of behavior.(ie. The actions can be good or bad, but the behavior is the focus).  Once may know "cheating" is wrong, but may not judge the person who does the act for a multitude of reasons.
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Because when we judge someone most times we don't know the person as well as we think & are wrong or if you want to look at it another way, when we judge we are taking gods job. Only he can judge us humans.
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Everyone should be it but everyone is not it.

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