What Does BP Stand For?


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BP officially stood for Bristish Petroleum. But in 1988 Amoco and British Petroleum merged and renamed the company to the simple initials of BP in a effort to distance the name from the British tag.

BP is also used to mean blood pressure. It is the pressure applied by the blood at the right angles to the walls of the blood vessels. Blood pressure values are commonly confirmed in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).

Blood pressure is usually measured by inserting a cannula into a blood vessel and then linking it to an electronic pressure transducer. This method is normally used in human and veterinary intensive care medicine, anesthesiology and also for research purpose. The fluctuation of arterial blood pressure results because of pulsatile behavior of the cardiac output. The pulse pressure is confirmed by the contact and interaction of stroke volumes and the flexibility of major arteries. High blood pressure causes a huge number of fatal diseases. Blood clotting which lead to paralysis is commonly caused because of high blood pressure.
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