What Does The Name Clara Mean?


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Clara means bright(as in smart) and shineing off the light of God
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Clara means bright and illustrious. Best name ever. Enjoy it and name your kid that... Wont regret it.
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This name used to be extremely popular, though in the English-speaking world it has now been almost entirely replaced by Claire or Clare. In German-speaking countries, the name Klara is still in use.

The name is late Latin in origin; it comes from the feminine form of the adjective clarus, or "famous." Because of the later French spelling Claire, it also developed connotations of "light." There are a number of other names derived from Clara, including Clarice and Clarissa (the latter name is quite well known in Britain at present, because of TV chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright; in the 18th century it was a popular name for the heroines of romances.) Clarette and Clarinda also exist, although they are now almost entirely out of use.

Clare (or St Clare) has occasionally been used as a boy's name in the past, but this developed into the more popular Clarence in the 19th century, although in meaning there is no connection between the two.
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   Clear, Illuminated Beauty

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