What Does Jaberwaki Mean?


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Jaberwaki is commonly used as a skit for someone that is not completely with it and does not completely get what is going on.

  • History
The saying is said to have come from the Lewis Carroll poem called The Jabawaki in 1872. This is a nonsensical poem with made up words and crazy phrases. The Jaberwaki is portrayed to be a mammal that has gone crazy with age and does not understand what is going on.

The poem is still referred to as one of the greatest poems by academics as it has no sense, no structure and yet is still a great poem to read and analyze. It is still taught in many classrooms and is used an an example for why there does not always have to be a reason and a structure in literature.

  • Skit
Many people feel that this skit is offensive and can sometimes be associated with mental and physical disability. Because of this, the skit is frowned upon by disability groups and is therefore used out of context of this skit in school playgrounds by children that do not understand its meaning. There are many skits that can be seen as offensive and the unfortunate thing is that a lot of the people that use them do not know that what they are saying or doing may be offensive.

This skit may have come from one person and has evolved or it could be from a group of people that have used it in an offensive manor to insult others that they thing are less than they are. Either way, you should always tread lightly when using skits and make sure that the person you may offend will talk it in jest and good heart as you would not want to offend.
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A very dangerous animal that will attack and eat your a head and only your head... I would beware of these beasts of nature
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A poem by Lewis Carrol
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A jaberwoky is what ever you want it to be.  But its a name utlized for  something scary.
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Nothing.... Jabberwocky is what I believe you mean, and that too means nothing - it is a nonsense word, the title of a nonsense poem. However it does describe the killing of a made up animal
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T means the sacred names

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