What Does Delta Mean In Greek?


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Well in the sciences and math, the symbol delta (shown by a triangle) means change or the difference in two values.
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Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. It is written as Δ or δ in the Greek alphabet. The upper case of the letter is denoted by Δ, and the lower case is represented by δ. In the Greek numeral system, Delta has the value of 4. It is originated from the Phoenician letter Dalet .

There is a correlation between the delta, the triangular shape low-lying plain made up of sand, clay, silt found at the mouth of a river and the Greek letter. Apparently noticing the strange similarity between the island formed by the deposits and the triangular shape of their letter (delta), the Greek gave the name "delta" to such a place.

Delta is also used in derivative pricing to show the rate of alteration of the option price in comparison to the change in the underlying price. Delta also relates to macroscopic alterations in the value of a variable in science or maths.

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