What Does The Name Arden Mean?


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Arden can be used as a masculine as well as a feminine name. The name Arden traces its origin in Old English. This name is derived from a surname which was adopted from a place name. In Old English, the place meant 'Eagle valley'. As a first name, it is thought to be of Latin origin. Arden probably means 'great forest'.

As a surname, it has two origins- English and French. It first originated in Warwickshire County of England. This area was then referred to as Forest of Arden. The first settlers of Arden were also found in Limousin in France.
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The name Arden is an English name that can be used for both male and female individuals. It is derived from a surname which was in turn initially derived from the name of a place which means 'eagle valley' in Old English.

Arden is also the name of a district situated in Warwickshire, England. Conventionally, it was considered as extending from the River Avon to the River Tame. The region was previously greatly forested and called as the Forest of Arden.

This particular forest is believed by some to be the backdrop for the Shakespearean play, 'As You Like It'. Contrary to this belief, the play is set in France, and so shouldn't be thought of as occurring in an actual forest in Arden. (As per the Oxford Shakespeare, Shakespeare's "Forest of Arden" is probably an Anglicized version of the French Ardennes forest).

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