What Does The Name Alonso Mean?


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The name Alonso is used as a masculine name. it is generally used by the Spanish people. It is pronounced as ah-LAWN-so. It is considered to be a variant of the Spanish name Alfonso. Alonzo, Alphonse, Alohnso, Alanso and Allonso are other variants for Alonso. Alonso probably means 'noble'. This name and its variants imply 'ready for the battle'. Famous people with the name Alonso are: Alonso Mudarra, a Spanish composer and Alonso Solis, a football player from Costa Rica.

In United States of America, Alonso is popularly used as a last name. It is very rarely used as a male first name. This surname originated in the Leon city of Spain. This last name can also be written as Alefonso, Alifonso, and Adefonso. Among the oldest settlers of the family was Juan Alonso de Badajoz.

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