What Does The Name Benedict Mean?


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The name Benedict means a newly married male who was earlier regarded as a confirmed bachelor. Saint Benedict Joseph Labre was the name of a French Roman Catholic saint. He was born in the year 1748 in Amettes, close to Arras which is situated in the northern part of France. He showed religious enthusiasm from an early age. He also performed deeds of penance, for sins that were not even of an important nature.

On being rejected by the Trappists and the Cistercians, he decided to settle on an existence of poverty and pilgrimage. He indulged in begging for food, while donating any money that was given to him. He succumbed to malnutrition on the 16th of April, 1783. His biography was written by his confessor, Marconi. He was canonized in the year 1881 and his death anniversary is commemorated every year as a feast day in the Roman Catholic Church.

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