What Are The Symbols For Strength And Honor?


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The lion is often used to represent strength and honor - this is why this ancient symbol frequently adorned the family crests of kings and their noble kin and courtiers. In fact, kings with the last name of "Lionheart" once held power, and this name really exemplified the traits that were expected from men of certain backgrounds during the Middle Ages (medieval times).

  • Courtly strength and honor

The idea of strength and honor in the medieval British Isles was tied to the concept of knighthood - the king would reward these traits in his men by dubbing them "Sir" and granting them the high rank of Knights of the Realm. Every man in the kingdom would want this sort of honor, but few would make the cut. After being knighted, men would go on quests (such as the seeking of mythical Dragons, which are, coincidentally, also symbols of strength in Celtic and Asian countries) or serve the King in their own locality, near the castle proper.

  • Chinese characters

People often get tattoos of Chinese characters for the words, strength and honor - they enjoy the visual appeal and exoticism of Chinese script, as well as the underlying symbolism. Hollywood actress Julia Roberts is one example of a famous person with a Chinese character tattoo - however, these tattoos were quite trendy during the early 1990's, so there are probably a few more star-studded celebs that sport Chinese script tattoos of meaningful words. 

In general, commercial companies will try to find symbols of strength to use on certain products, so the items evoke a certain mood and spirit. Anvils, anchors, and knots are nautical symbols of strength that may show up on a variety of products. Since men are culturally more attuned to proving strength and honor through daring deeds and so on, products featuring symbols of strength and honor may be marketed primarily to males.

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