What Does The Name Kerry Mean?


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Kerry means prince or princess of darkness it also is te name of a indian flower its blue and purple and gorgeous!
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The name kerry means beautiful in every way
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Kerry started being used as a name for both boys and girls in the 20th century, especially in Australia. It comes from the Irish county of that name. There may also be a connection with the Welsh Ceri; this is probably a form of the name Ceridwen, goddess of poetry, whose name meant something like "fair (or blessed) poetry."
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Kerry means 'dear and pure'. The meaning is different in different origins. Some of the origins and meanings of Kerry are as follows;

Latin: Dear, Irish: Pure , Spanish: Dear , Welsh: Near the castle,
Gaelic: Ciara's people; dark eyes, Irish: Small and dark-skinned
Gaelic: Dark eyes , Gaelic: Small and dark-skinned
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Princess of Darkness
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A girl name that  has been used in the 20sentary and also has been misused for s boy name. Kerry mean a person with Feynman n doesn't like to get get aggressive. Also kerry has been used for a disorder making you a thick person and lazy.
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Its said kerry:
Gender: Male
origen: Irish
darked haired
nooo way I'm a female nd who would call a boy/man the name kerry
in my opion kerry is a females name nd its id a sexy name too :) xx
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Kerry is a popular name that is used for girls as well as boys. The meaning of the name Kerry is Country of the children of Ciar. It is also sometimes referred to as a person who has black hair. The origin of this name is Gaelic or Irish.
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hi i just wanted to know what does the Gaelic mean just wondered what does it signifier and what does it mean and also is Kerry a name for more female or male thank you

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