What Does The Name Clarence Mean?


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The name Clarence is used as a masculine name. Clarence has its origin in Latin language. It means a person who lives near the Clare River. The river name Clare is obtained from a name of a Celtic River. That name was not connected to the name Clare. Clarence is also used in a British title – Duke of Clarence. It was created for a prince of fourteenth century. This prince married a female from Clare family. Clarence was used as a first name from nineteenth century.

Clarance, Claron, Clarens, Klarance, Klarenz, Clarrance, Claronz, Clarons, Claran and Darence are variants of the name Clarence. This name is also used as a last name. This surname has a Scottish origin. The people who first used this name as a surname were found in Argyllshire in Scotland.

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