Is Kerry More Of A Boys Name Or Girls Name?


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Kerry is a popular name among both genders but Kerry is a
more popular make first name and surname. Kerry is of Irish origin and it means
Dark, particularly Dark color like Black.

Kerry reached its popularity in 1960 but after that it hit the lowest popularity
in year 1999 and again start getting up in year 2005. Kerry have many variants
like Kerri, Kearie, Keary, Kerrey, Kerrie and Kerrigan.

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Kerry is both a male and female name depending on how it is spelled.  If it is spelled KERRY, it's a males name.  On the other hand, if it is spelled CARRIE, then it's a females name.  There are also many other ways to spell this name for both a male and female but, the most popular forms of this name are KERRY and CARRIE.
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Kerry seems mostly more of a girls name

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