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There are a number of theories surrounding the origin of the female name Eleanor. One theory is that Eleanor is a name of French origin, a variation of the name Helen, which means "light". Another theory is that the name is of Greek origin. If this is the case, Eleanor could mean "ray of sun," or "shining light". If the name Eleanor is derived from the Greek word "eleos", it could mean "compassion". If, as some theories suggest, the name is of Latin origin, it is thought to have come from the Latin word "lenire", which means "to heal". Whichever of these theories appears the most plausible to you, the name Eleanor, when bestowed upon a girl, has positive and affectionate connotations.

It is thought that the earliest bearer of the name Eleanor was Eleanor of Aquitaine, whose name "Alienor" became "Eleanor". She was a French woman who was heir to a large portion of land, and carried her name to England in the 12th century when she married English royalty. There is an argument that another woman bearing the name "Eleanor" lived around a century before Eleanor of Aquitaine, but this has yet to be proven.

Modern translations of the name Eleanor include the Arabic translation of "Allahu Nuri", which means "God is my light", and the Hebrew translation of "Elinor", which means "God is light". Today, Eleanor is a very popular name in America. The popularity of the name "Eleanor" peaked in around the 1980s. Since then, the popularity of the name Eleanor has decreased by almost 75 per cent, but continues to be a popular name amongst newborn baby girls. Today, there are over 70 variations of the name Eleanor, including Eileen, Ella, Ellen, Ellie, Helen, Heleanor, Lina, Nelly and Norah. Eleanor itself is a three syllable name, with stress on the first syllable, meaning it is pronounced "EL-ean-or".
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From the greek word for 'Bright one' Eleanor means she is witty intelligent and never seems to tie.

A true and devoted friend.
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Greek version originates from the name Helen and means shining light.
French version also originates from the name Helen and means bright one
Old English version means torch
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Eleanor is a beautiful name conferred upon a girl. It is pronounced as "EL-a-nor." The name has a Greek origin, meaning "shining light." The popular first name is a variant of its slightly more famous counterpart "Helen."

A variant of the name Eleanor is Elanor. The latter is feminine name which means "star sun" in the Sindarin language, an artificial language made by J.R.R.Tolkien. An artificial language is a language invented on the basis of certain prescribed rules tailored for a particular purpose like computer programming. In the 'Lord of Rings' by J.R.R.Tolkien, it is the name of Sam's eldest child. The name was coined after a certain kind of flower. Other than Elanor, the other variants of the name are Nelly, Elnora, Ella, Eleni, Eleanora and Elinor. Some of the popular figures with this name are Eleanor of Aquitaine, the heiress to a major part of France in the 12th century, actress Elinor Donahue and singer Elanor who was famous for her song "Adventure."
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Actually, Eleanor has no Greek roots.  Eleanor is from the Old French form Alienor.  It was meant to distinguish Eleanor from her mother.  Her actual name was Aenor and was named for her mother.  She was called alia Aenor which morphed into Alienor, the original form which came to be Eleanor.
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The name Eleanor is a french form of Helen meaning 'bright one'.
She is a very emotional person with an innate sense of beauty and elegance
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The name eleanor has many reason  one is gods light. There are many nick names to like helen nelly ella ell-bell Ellie and ell
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Eleanor pronounced as El-a-nor is a popular name of Greek origin. According to some sources it is related to the name Helen which means sun rays while according to others it is derived from the Greek word eleos which means compassion. The name symbolizes bright and shining light that dispels ignorance and suffering. The variants of the name are El, Ellie, Nellie, Elinor, Leonora, Ella and Lenore.

The most famous personality bearing the name is Eleanor of Aquitaine (twelfth century) who was the wife of King Louis VII of France and later after estrangement married King Henry II of England. In modern times the name was made famous by Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) wife of American President Franklin Roosevelt and noted Human Rights worker.
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I don't know but in Arabic terms 'nor' means light and 'eli' or 'elea' is a person mentioned in the Torah, Bible and Quran: The Imam Ali. So together I think it means the light of 'elea' or 'ali' (peace be upon him). You can google 'Imam Ali' and see who he is.

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