Lugar De Nacimiento De La Madre, Can You Translate Them Into English?


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This is a Spanish phrase which, when translated into English means "Mother's birthplace." In a literal sense the phrase can be translated as follows:

  • 'Lugar' = Place
  • 'De Nacimiento' = of birth
  • 'De la madre' = of the mother
Taking it as a whole phrase and putting it into context this can be translated as "mother's birthplace". When translating, try not to do it in a literal way. Most languages including Spanish have sentences and phrases that are constructed in a different order than how they would be constructed in English. When translating, put it into the context of the language you are translating it into. So in this instance, this means making it sound more 'English.'

The most likely places you are likely to find this phrase is in an application form or an official document where you need to prove your citizenship or identity for example. On the other hand, it may just be a security question that could be asked when opening a new bank account for example.

If you ever need any short phrases translated you could always look up each word in a Spanish dictionary to get a general meaning. Alternatively, you could use an online translation service by typing 'free translation online' into a search engine.
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If this is a Spanish phrase, it refers to the birthplace of the mother ("Place of birth of the mother").
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It means "birth place of mother".
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De la madre

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