How Do I Say Hi In Japanese?


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The best way of saying hello in Japanese is Konnichiwa. There are however a number of informal ways in several languages where you can say hello and is similar to the English saying hi, hey, heya hiya and howdy but to name a few terms.
In this way there are many words that simply just can't be translated to another language. Japanese speakers are currently in their millions and now with business-to-business opportunities it is now becoming more and more popular as a language. It has a relatively small sound system and possesses no distinguishable alphabet.
The writing of the language is also fascinating as it is written vertically from right to left. At universities you can take the opportunity to learn the Japanese language and how it is used in today's global society. This can be anything from the language and the literature of the country to the religion and politics as well as history of this great nation.
Most people take grammar courses where they will have the opportunity to learn inside and out about the rules and etiquette of the Japanese language. In literature courses people can study famous texts from different Japanese writers and this is one of the best ways to learn the language. Most global companies have headquarters in Japan so in this case you may be able to get a secondment to work out there.
If you are one of the lucky ones, then you will have the chance to practise and improve your Japanese on a daily basis in a variety of situations which is an ideal situation when learning a language.
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Nice to meet you! = Hajimemashite!

Good morning = ohayou.

Hello   = konnichiwa.

Good evening = konbanwa.

Good night   = O yasumi nasai.

Good bye.   = sayonara.

Bye!   = Baibai

See you!   = Ja ne ! /   Mata ne!

See you again!   = Mata aimashou


I am (really) sorry   =   Gomen nasai

Excuse me/Pardon   = sumimasen.

How are you ?   = (O) genki desu ka.

Very well, thanks for asking.   = o kage-sama de

I am fine   = Genki desu

Take care of yourself.    = o daiji ni.

It's been a long time   = o hisashiburi (desu)

Yes    = Hai

No   =   iie

Thank you   = Arigatou

You're welcome/Not at all.   = Dou itashimashite!

Please   = Onegai shimasu

No thank you!   = Kekkou desu!

Please/Go ahead/After you   = Dozo

Wait a moment, please   = Chotto Matte kudasai

Thanks for everything! =   O sewa ni narimashita

Excuse me please (when disturbing someone)   = Shitsurei shimasu

Sorry to bother you (said when entering a house)   =   O jama shimasu

Cheers!   = Kanpai!

Bon apetit! (but said to YourSelf and not to others)   =   Itadakimasu

Thank you for this delicious meal!   = Gochiso sama deshita

Special events

Congratulations! =   Omedeto !

Happy birthday!   =   o tanjoubi omedeto

Happy New Year!   = Akemashite omedeto.

I wish you a Happy New Year   = yoi o-toshi wo.

Have a nice day!    = Yoi ichinichi wo!

Good luck (for the future)!   = Genki de ne!

Basic needs

I am hungry   =   Onaka (ga) suita!

I am thirsty   =   Nodo (ga) kawaita

I am tired/exhausted!   = Tsukareta

I feel sleepy   = Nemui (desu)

Where is the lavatory?   = O tearai wa dochira desu ka?

Thats Just Some   Herews a Link

Ps Hi   is Basicly Is Hello   Witch is konnichiwa In Japanise
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It depends ... Just like English, there's not just one way.
"Konichi wa" means "good afternoon" (roughly).
"Ohayo gozaimasu" means good morning.
"Konban wa" means "good evening"
More informally, "Ohayo" may be used like "hi" among friends
"Moshi moshi" is how you might answer the phone, like our "hello"

Often no real "hello" is used -- when you see someone you know you just call out their name, or say "ou" (which means "hey") or just nod and let them speak first.

IPL Kidspace has some Japanese help at IPL - Hello - Japanese
Here are some answers at - Japanese Hello
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The way I spell japanese word is how you say by voice, You do not write it this way just say it by voice!

Hi = chiwassu <-- The word "Hi" in japanese, Old style!
Hi = haihoo <-- Japanese slang "Hi"
Hi = ossu <-- Greeting used between close male friends
Hi = uissu <-- Greeting used between close female friends
Hi = yahhoo <-- Japanese slang - yell cross street
Hi = haihoo <-- Japanese slang
Hi = oha / ohayossu  <-- Is not "Hi" means "good Morning"
Hi = koncha <-- Is not "Hi" means Good Day, Good Afternoon (daytime greeting)
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As many has stated, there are multiple ways to say "Hi", "Thank you", "Excuse me", "sorry", "Please", "Good-bye",etc.Hello: Konnichiwa Good Morning: Ohayo Gozaimasu Good Evening: KonbanwaGood night: Oyasuminasai (to sleep)Nice to meet you: HajimemashiteThank you: Domo Arigato, Arigatou Goziamasu, oki ni arigato, SankyuYou're welcome: Do itashi mashiteFine, Thank you: Genki desu.How are you: O-genki desu ka?Excuse me: Sumimasen (Which can also be "I am sorry, excuse me.")Sorry: Gomen-nasai, Suman, (sometimes Sumimasen)Please: Onegai Shimasu (To request), Dozo (To offer) Good-bye: Sayo Nara (Long term), Sore dewa (informal)What I believe is importantDo you speak English: Eigo o hanasemasuka?Is there someone here who speaks english: Dareka eigo o hanasemasuka?I don't understand: WakarimasenHelp!: Tasukete!Where is the toilet: Toire wa doko desuka?I don't speak Japanese: Watashi wa Nihongo o hanashimasen.
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Aargh! So... Many... Wrong... Answers...

"Hi" is KonNichi Wa. Notice the two 'N's which another answerer forgot.

"Thanks" is arigato. I don't know where the other answerer got "ga li ga do" from.

Have a listen to some Japanese phrases at Survival Phrases - Japanese if you find these conflicting answers confusing.
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Ur right bout the konnichiwa but arigato as you say it is not different in japenese from galigato because japenese can't tell the diff between L and R and often cant tell if theres a G also the answerer said galigaTo not galigaDo
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Hi, welcome to japan. 'Hi' in japanese is 'kon ni chi wa'. Btw, 'thank you' is 'ga li ga to', 'bye bye' is 'sa yo na ra'. Hope you have a good time in Japan.
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Yaa = Hi in japanese Hello = Konnichi wa O genki desu ka? = How are you? O kagesama de genki desu/hai, genki desu. Anata wa? = I'm fine, thanks. And you? Hajimemashite/ hajimemashite. Dozo yoroshiku/ oaidekite ureshii desu = Pleased to meet you
Doko kara desu ka?/ Dochira kara desu ka? = where are you from?
Watashi wa ___ kara desu = I am from.

These are simple things you need to know when you go to japan, becareful many japanese in japan don't really like outsiders so keep safe.
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Well konnichiwa I don't think I spelled it right means good day ohio means good morning and oi means hey I think
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Konnichiwa is "good afternoon", combowa is "good evening" and ohhio gozahimusta (I think I spelt it wrong) is "Good morning"

might not be 100% sure, but pretty sure

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