What Is The Word For Dog In German?


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The German word for dog is HUND. The pronunciation is, more or less, "hoont" with the "oo" sound being similar to the sound in "could."

The German "Hund" is the origin of the English word "hound", which in English now means a special type of dog used for hunting. However the German Hund simply means all types of dog. The plural form is HUNDE.

German has no word for puppy; this is just "junge Hund" or "young dog." Different breeds of dog (or Hunderassen) have different names eg SCHAEFERHUND, literally "shepherd dog" is what we call a German shepherd.

A lot of English idioms about dogs are the same in German, eg "to live like cat and dog" (ie, quarrel a lot) in german is "wie Hund und Katze leben."
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