What Does 'Spiritual' Mean To You?


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To me, spiritual means having a personal understanding and knowledge of and relationship with the (perhaps ethereal) force of creation that adds meaning to one's life.

Spirituality/this connection to something "bigger" is perhaps not commonly understood, nevertheless, I think it goes beyond a belief system and touches on personal meaning. The 'meaning' I refer to is about a personal, intimate realization of the presence of a force bigger than ourselves--one that impacts and informs our lives in the everyday (our thoughts, intents, world-view, decisions, etc., ). Everything we do, are, and perceive we understand to be be connected to and part of something larger than ourselves. My own spirituality lives in actions that bear that out, and shows me that this common connection is sacred. Spiritual, to me, means that personal 'meaning' also comes in the form of guidance and direction, in comfort, and in other ways. Part of my spirtuality and this connection to one greater than ourselves also means realizing that all violence is personal, and all peace is universal. Yes, I am spiritual.

I agree with Robbier44 in that religion seems a system of or effort to organize/categorize spirituality--which I believe is impossible to do. I believe spirituality is as unique as the individual; that the realization of a force outside ourselves is as personal as our own existence and experiences. In my view, people who are spiritual may be also part of organized religion, but all religious people are not spiritual. Religion is a man-made concept with emphasis on shared beliefs; spirituality is a human condition with emphasis and meaning for individual existence and relationship with a force larger than ourselves.

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I don't consider spirituality and religion to be the same thing. They can be mutually exclusive. It's difficult for me to describe. When I feel the warmth of the sun or look at the stars at night, they stir something within me, a wonder of the vastness of what is and what can be. I look at a tree, the ocean, a stream, a mountain, and they bring me joy. I can laugh with friends, and I can grieve with them. I can feel what they feel. I feel the pain of those less fortunate than I am as well as their joy. All these things and more are part of me, part of my spirit, my life. I struggle with things from day to day, and that struggle makes me appreciate what I have and what I can do. Some will understand what I've written and some will not.
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my (spirituality) seems like yours, except that I connect it with my religion. when I see the waves of the sea & feel the cool breeze, when I see the light of the moon & the sparkling stars, I know that these are the God creations. my faith get the strength from these images. when I see a poor person, I know that I should give him, help him & thank the god for his blessings. That's my 'spiritual' meaning
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I know exactly what you mean.
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I am new and self taught on this computer, my vision is going, and I did not even see the categories. I have to concentrate so hard to keep from hitting the wrong buttons, thanks for the help! I also do not know the abbreviations. I know [L.O.L.l ]but that's all.
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If you are able to spend time with yourself without feeling stupid than you are in touch with you spirit or you are spiritual, it would require a meaningfully argue with yourself about your weaknesses or on your doings. Spirituality helps you define your self of being.

In this regard I think I am spiritual.
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I think of spirituality as the desire to know who created all things, and why we are created. I think all people were born with this desire in their hearts, but that some have hardened their hearts or placed blocks there due to their reactions to dealing with this world.

I would define 'Religion' as the man-made rules, regulations, and celebrations that have been put in place to honour what men perceive to be the divine.

Is there a 'true' creator God though? I would answer strongly "YES", and believe fully that if you seek after him, you will find Him.
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The word spiritual has got two dimensions...One is that complete dedication to God or even remembering God during entire day work! This appears simple but needs much focus...& the second dimension is that Some people irrespective of the belief in God will be in spiritual state i.e. art of controlling the mind to a maximum extent! This was the toughest for any human being & those who attained this will be the happiest in this world...b'caz he was victorious over his senses! This is the real essence of spiritualism which was lost in the time being....But I wish again everyone will realize it's importance & turn their attention towards the second dimension of the spiritualism!      & about myself I don't have complete trust in any religion but I meditate frequently in order to get myself victorious over my senses...during meditation I don't imagine any physical appearance of God but I imagine only a bright light shining above the world which was giving me all the control & guidance I need! This was giving me good results & I hope one day I'll be completely victorious over my senses!
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C.S. Lewis put it wonderfully in "The Scrapbook Letters", (I can't quote it directly so bare with me.
Humans are amphibious creatures, half physical, half spiritual, and when their bodies die, thier spirits live on.

There are two realms which are worth being recognized, the physical, what we define as 'reality', what we can see, touch, smell, experience through physical senses.

Spiritual is what we experience, emotion, peace, feeling as though our spirit is soaring, (or crashing depending on the day), when you walk through Nature, I believe you are experiencing the Spiritual.

The Spirit always speaks loudest when your not in the hustle and bustle of life. Yea, it speaks, and it's worth listening to, sometimes it brings humor, peace, rest, and other times it brings direction, and even a gentle argument. (I say gentle because it may be insistent, but it doesn't scream, it doesn't degrade, and it has Your best interests in mind)

For those who are 'spiritual'... If they proclaim it and are haughty, they probably could lists every rule in every book. You can find a spiritual person by the way they Live, Not what they say. You can tell when someone has been chitter-chattering with that Spirit, they just carry themselves differently, and their eyes, they have an Internal light.
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I think of spiritual in two different ways to mean two totally different things. The first thing that I think of when I think of spiritual is being spiritual in God...as in believing in God and trusting God and being thankfully for everything that he has giving me.....the second thing I think of is being spiritual as in believing that there are spirits trapped here on earth or your spirit in side you..so I just think all together that spiritual could mean many things
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I can't separate spirituality from my faith in Christ. I believe God created the heavens and the earth, so when I enjoy nature, it's a testament to His glory. When I feel close to God through prayer or worship, it's because He draws me near to Him.

But, as a Christian, there is always room for growth in my spiritual life. The more I pray, the more I study scripture, the better I know God. The better I know Him, the better I can reflect Him.
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I think being spiritual means being concerned with right V. Wrong, altruism, looking within yourself for answers, considering your place in the world and nature, being unafraid to speak about your beliefs where doing so may help another person - in other words it means all sorts of things to me.
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Spiritual to me is to feel the world around you. It's to look attentively at the creation & be confident at God. It's to deal with people in a good & kind way that would make him live between his friends & beloved. It's to live peacefully not worrying about the future, but planning for it. It has millions of meanings & all of them gives you spiritual comfort.
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Spirituality is the belief in a Universal higher power that controls the movement of the cosmos, nature, and human beings. Spirituality has the key word 'spirit' which is that another realm from the natural world. Usually the realm of the spirit involves belief in higher consciousness, a higher authority, or a world that transcends the earthly plane. It does not necessarily involve Religion, although Religion involves spirituality.
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Yes I would consider myself spiritual, and I feel spirituality is to do with you are and where you are in your life, it is all about growth, being aware of your surrounding, and the people around you, feelings, emotions, and allowing your self to put your trust in something you can't see, a higher being whether its god, angels, goddesses, fairies, it doesn't matter what it is or who as long as it helps you to be for filled and secure, and confident in your believe.
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As per me spirituality means,
"feeling satisfied with what we are doing".
A person who is spiritual will never do anything bad to any one and will also not do any unethical thing. So in this regards we can say that spirituality is a part of every Religion. Because no religion allows a person to be unethical.
If a person gets control over his/her mind and heart and feels bad whenever he/she commits something bad or wrong, than it means,  that person is spiritual.
Yes, I think that I am spiritual not because I have never committed any mistake, but because I always feel regret after committing something wrong and I never wants to hurt any human being.
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Spiritual to me means feeling close to God and the saints and having peace of heart,mind and soul,and being good and helping others.I want to be spiritual but in this world it is not an easy thing...But I am trying.I think there can be a link with religion-Religion can be the science used to achieve spirituality.But some people in the Church are grumpy and don't realize the importance of justice and don't really appreciate others,and that's not spiritual.Religion is sort of...complicated and political.But spirituality is simple and personal and it is a really cool thing because it benefits your soul and makes you happy.Aristotle said that happiness can be acheived by having a virtuous soul,and I agree.Spirituality is much more important then religion and it is a very special and wonderful thing.
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Religion and personal. Btw, lol, did you realize you have it under the category of dogs? =)
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I was a little puzzled by that , too.
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hi, i have changed the question to philosophy, hope it clarify your confusion.
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that's better! =) it's not a big deal, but I just wanted to point that out FYI.(for ur info)
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I think spiritual would mean like really caring for something and that you can forever hold onto something. Like love, that is what it may seem to me. I think love is important like for the sex and shit like that. Well then I am Hannah Leslie for who ever wants to get in touch
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Well I am not very sure cause go to church but hen again we don't sit there on pads for yoga like the guy in the pic so love you and now you have my answer
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I have to say finding peace within my inner heart. Just naturally, I ponder within myself, and within my own time.
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When its quiet and the freedom to think of what I am doing in my life,what are my thoughts and all.I think or that is my opinion.

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