What Does Success Mean To You?


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To me success means that I have attempted to do something in life, and put my entire self into the project. I have looked at this from every possible angle, reflected on all the pros and cons, and then thought of every way it could be done.

With all of this in mind, I try to do this thing. Although I might not be an expert at whatever it is, I put my heart and soul into it.

Being successful to me is doing one's very best. The result of my efforts might not win me a prize, or get me praise or fame. Regardless of the outcome, if I have learned anything from the experience, or did my very best, then I am a winner.
To me success is the full use of our strength and skill along the lines of excellence.For success we must have will to believe,the courage to aspire and conviction that success is possible to any man who works for it intelligently and persistently.We should remember that winner don't do different things,they do things differently.We must dare to dream-as because it is hitching our wagon to a star.For success we should have a goal,learn to plan,know that hurdles are natural,build self-confidence,learn to work in team,learn to appreciate,always strive for excellence,know to manage time,have an urge to learn,keep an open mind,be disciplined.To get success harmonise your work.Let sunshine radiate and penetrate.Do not be misled by dislikes.Acid ruins the finest fabric.
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Success can be the result of something you have done, or it can be your very person, let me explain. Imagine a bar with two ends, one being success and the other being failure. Every time you fail at something your bar slides towards the failure end of the bar, every time you succeed the opposite occurs. Take everything you have done in the past 2 weeks, every action and reaction you have been a part of, basically every interaction with life to the smallest detail. From there calculate if you are successful or not, if you are not then being successful is only one step away and is truly simple. By understanding the following you can decide to purposely make mistakes to make it all more amusing, or to make yourself more child again for when you are success you can never fail again.
Here goes... Start with the small things, like not spilling your coffee in the morning, increase your awareness to everything so that the smallest accidents won't occur unless you make them happen purposely. When taking dishes off the table put all the concentration you would for flying a plane, as long as it doesn't cause you to grimace. By constantly keeping your mind at it's highest level of acuteness for everything it will all eventually be easier and you will be able to proceed to more complex tasks without a problem. You just have to start with the small things. That will put you at the success end of the bar and you will no longer know defeat... Even when defeated.
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To me success means that success is a reward for my hard work. If I want success in life then I do my work honestly .
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Success is your accomplishment in which you feel a real joy and happiness. Success, sometimes is connected with failures. Failures must never let a person down, instead get hunger of getting successful. Success,therefore, is the result of your good efforts and accomplishments ^^
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Success is having a positive result in something I was trying to accomplish. Some friends and I started a project of building a barn after the contractor who was supposed to build it, defaulted. This barn is about 5 times the size of my 1 bedroom house and better than twice as large as his 3 bedroom house. With a full summer to get it done, we started from the concrete pad and planned each step carefully. Steel beams, first floor walls, garage doors, second floor flooring, roof, then began outfitting the inside with windows, doors, Sheetrock, lighting, paint. It turned out better than if the contractor would have done it.

That is success but only one of many examples I could share. Success is doing what you planned and having it turn out even better than the expected results.
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when you say success is having a positive attiitude over something..its like saying success is being plain happy over the things you have done...never having regrets or second thoughts...no pitfalls....
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Success is what failure brings. Wrong decisions --> failure --> experience --> making right decisions --> success. =P

it is, for me, achieving my dreams and desires in life. In the long run, it doesn't matter how many times a person fall, what matters the most is the number of times a person stand up and continue the fight. It is the experience and the lessons learned that really matters.
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For me, success is not about the destination, but the journey. Success is having a goal that is much larger than your small self or your small self's desires - a goal that transports you beyond your limitations. Success is being so intent upon that goal, so in love with it, so willing that it shall be, that you feel yourself to be pure white light, as if the light of the whole, entire, vast universe is spiralling around and through your own small being. When the journey feels like that, arriving at the chosen destination is a certainty.
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To me success means that I did something good which was the right thing to do, or that I was helpful and made a real difference. Success need not be measured in material things, it can just be about doing something good or doing the morally correct thing.
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To me, success means fulfilling my dreams. I know that's quite generalized, but it's the briefest answer I can give.
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Success to me means being able to get up very morning and to be healthy and to be able to put a smile on someone's face. To be able to help someone and to be able to call someone on the phone and cheer up their day. To do a good deed and be kind to other people. That is what success means to me.
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Success to me means when you've accomplished a goal you've set for yourself, and when you are happy with the results you've achieved based on what you think of the work you put into it and not on what others think.
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To me success is a very gradual process, It doesn't come easily we have to strive for it.
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To me success means satisfaction. Being the person you can be and living your life the way you want to.Also, enjoying life that is your own
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Success is keeping busy all the time and having fun and enjoying life as never before. And doing things in the way you are convinced of.

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