What Is The Meaning Of The Surname, 'Morris'?


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The surname, "Morris" means "dark-skinned", if you trace it back far enough!

English and Scottish Origins of “Morris”
The surname “Morris” is thought to be a modern form of the name “Maurice”, which can be used as both a first name and a surname.

“Maurice” comes from the word “Moorish”, meaning “Moor-like” or “dark-skinned”.

The name is Norman in origin, and the Normans were descendants of the Norse Vikings. So, as you can see, the history of the name “Morris” goes back a pretty long way!

Welsh Origins of “Morris”
In Wales, the name “Morris” is an Anglicization (or English version) of the first name “Meurig”, which comes from the Latin name “Mauritius”. This also means "dark-skinned".

Notable People With The Surname “Morris”
  • William Morris - founder of Morris cars
  • Desmond Morris - British zoologist
  • Garrett Morris - American comedian and actor
  • Pat Morris - American politician
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The traditional meaning of the name Morris, which originates from both English and Irish history is translated as "dark" or "dark-skinned".

Other versions of the name Morris include: Morriss, Morish, Morce and Morse.

If you want to find out more about the history of your name and your family, why not try and research your ancestry?
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The meaning of the name "Morris" is "dark-skinned".  The origin of the name is Latin.
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  1. Dark, swarthy
  2. A modern form of the ancient Irish name

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