What's A Nickname For The Name Chris?


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The name Chris is already a shortened or nicknamed version of the names Christopher, Christian or Christine. Names with single syllables are rarely nicknamed further as they are already short and easy to say. There are some other ways in which nicknames are chosen:
  • Famous people called Chris
It may be that you decide to pick a famous person with the name Chris and use a characteristic or surname of this famous person to choose your nickname for the name Chris. Famous people with the name Chris include Chris Tucker, Chris Rock and Chris Brown. In this way you may want to use the nickname 'Tucker' for Chris.

  • Attributes used as nicknames
In the absence of a better nickname, some people use attributes of the person to create a nickname. For example if the Chris you are talking about is intelligent then he could be nicknamed 'Einstein' after the attribute. Sometimes an ironic name is given as a nickname, in jest, making fun of an attribute. For example, tall people can be called 'tiny' as an ironic reference to their height.
  • Surnames as nicknames
The most common nickname to be given to people is the use or shortened use of a surname to derive a nickname. Perhaps Chris has a surname that could be shortened into a nickname. As an example, the surname Kenyon could be shortened to 'Ken' making a good nickname. Other people are known by their surnames. Sports players are often called or referred to by their surnames, for example, Jordan (for Michael Jordan) or Beckham (for David Beckham). Occasionally the addition of a letter can also make for a good nickname. In this instance you could lengthen Chris to Chrissy or the surname Smith to Smithy.
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I have been called Chrissy, Topher, Toph, Tpher (Topher, skipping the "o"), and oddly enough since I go by Chris, Christopher has become a "nickname" of sorts.
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Isn't it already a nickname?Unless it is C,which I think is 'silly'
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Sissy chrissy ...
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There could be a number of nicknames associated with the name Chris. It could be Ris, Cis, C or anyother that you want it to be.

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