How To Say Live Love Laugh In Latin?


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Vive = Live!
Ride = Laugh!
Ama = Love!

Those are singular commands - addressed to one person. To more than one person, it'd be:

Vivite, Ridete, Amate.

Vivo, rideo, amo = I live, I laugh, I love.
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There are many ways that you can translate the three words. The words that you can use for live are:

  • ago, actum, egi, degero, gradior and anhelo

The words that you can use for love are:

  • diligo, dilectio and amor

The word that you can use for laugh is:

  • rideo risi risum

So the word for laugh is just one while you can use a combination from the word list for live and love.
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Live, love, laugh

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