What Does It Mean To Trust?


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To trust means you never have to fear, or worry about anything, to feel safe; which means a lot these days. To trust means to live.
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To trust means to never doubt. Let me put this trust thing across to you with my very own words. Trust has always been a word tat has been taken off with great advantage. In the name of trust we all do wrong things. We gain trust from another and do nothing about it. For example in a relationship in the name of trust there are so many things that a couple does, which actually does not really hold any kind of value. Trust should be there and exist, never try and doubt your partner in a relationship its only going to hurt the two of you'll in return. If trust does not exist then the meaning of a relationship does not also exist. If you do not trust him/her call off the relationship.
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The feeling of safe and secured with someone.. Confident and comfortable that he will stay and go with everything he said..
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Trust can mean many different things.....

Trust within a relationship can always mean
"do you believe that ill be there for you and wont break your heart.."

summary: You must trust that this person loves you so you can give them your love

Trust amongst friends could mean
"Hey were friends so I expect you to have my back, not tell my secrets, and be the shoulder I can cry on"

summary:you must trust your friends to honestly be your friends and not fakes n phonies who want to ruin your life.

Trust within a household (parents) means
"I'm your mother/father and I expect for you to be mature and not disrespect this home and to be honest and wise about the decisions you make in and out of this household"

summary: Trust family members as well as they should trust you to be a wise person someone who wont act innocent in a home and go outside as another person...they trust you so be yourself.

Trust in matters of sex means
"I wont hurt you...I promise to be gentle..."

summary:Trust that this person doesnt want to hurt you....physically mentally or spiritually...if someone is willing to give themself to you trust that thier not carrying any diseases.[you can never be too sure].

And then theres always plain old trust
"Believe that ill catch you if you fall"

summary:do you trust you think that if you do something that I wont be a jerk and allow you to hurt yourself

so trust can mean many things in others words trust is an act of believing...believe me I'm telling the truth lol.
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Your are confident and comfortable with a person.. Able to feel secured and safe with him.. For you know he will care for you..

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