What Are Some Words To Describe Food?


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Acid, appetizing, aroma, astringent, ambrosial, appealing, appetite, aftertaste, acerbic, appetizer
Bitter, biting, bland, brackish, burning, balsamic, briny, burnt, buttery, bittersweet  
Candied, cured, caustic, choice, cheesy
Delicious, delightful, delectable, divine, dripping, dry
Edible , Erotic, Epicurean, Ephemeral, Enterprising, Enhanced, Embellished, Elite, Electrifying, Earnest, Earthy, Ebullient  
Finger-licking, fishy, foul, fresh, fruity, full-bodied, full-flavoured, flavourful,
Gamy, gingery, gooey, gross, gaustory, gritty, grainy
Heavenly, hot, heady, honeyed,
Intense, inviting,
Lip-smacking, luscious, lusty. Lush
Malodorous, marinate, mellow, mild, moist, mouth-watering, minty
Nauseating, nutritious, nutty,
Oozing, overpowering, oily
Palatable, penetrating, peppery, pickled, piquant, potent, preserved, pungent
Rancid, rank, relish, redolent, rich, robust, rotten, ripe, raw,
Stale, saline, spicy, salty, savory, scrumptious, searing, seasoned, sharp, sizzling, soupy, sour, succulent, sugarcoated, sweet and sour, sweet. Spoiled,
Tangy, tart, tasteless, tasteful, tasty, toothsome, tempting, tough
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Some general words that reference the way food tastes might include delicious, delectable, distasteful.  As for specific foods, there are a whole slew of words that might describe taste, like:  Bitter, sweet, sour, salty, tangy, minty, tart, nutty, and so forth.  As far as food texture, words like  gritty, tough, slimy, tender, grainy, and smooth are common. Visually, almost any adjective might describe a food-- from colors to the shape. Someone might also describe food by cuisine (a "French" pastry, or example) or it might be described by how it was prepared (baked, braised, boiled, broiled, fried, sauteed, etc.).
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Food is necessary for the survival of every living thing. It is something that fill us.

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