What Are The Nicknames Of Edinburgh That The Scottish Use?


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Edinburgh is the present capital of Scotland and has been the capital since 1437. It is also the second-largest city in Scotland. Over the years it has acquires numerous nicknames from its residents, poets, and speakers.
The Scottish people lovingly have nicknamed Edinburgh , Auld Reekie, which means Old Smoky in Scottish. This is because in olden days when other means of modern fuel was unavailable, chimneys would give lots of smoke. Since Reek means smell in English, Reekie would also refer to a strong odour that would hang around in the city due to that lack of cleanliness in the city during those times.
Some call Edinburgh the Athens of the North. This is for many reasons. One of them being Athens and Edinburgh having similar topographical features. Edinburgh also has another name, Dunedin, deriving from the ancient Scottish dialect, Dùn Èideann.
Other than the above, Edinburgh also has a Latin name which is Edina. Robert Burns and Robert Fergusson, who are Scottish poets, have sometimes called Edinburgh as Edina, in their work. Ben Johnson and Sir Walter Scott have both called Edinburgh as Empress of the North. Besides this some Scottish speakers also call the city Edinburrie or Embra.

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