Where Does My Surname Mullaney Come From?


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Once upon a time Mullaney's populated around half of the 32 counties of Ireland. When the Griffith's Valuation which was conducted around 1864 there were many Mullaneys mentioned. Counies Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon all have of strong Mullaney connections. The Mullaney clan gathering is usually held in those areas, the last one was held in Roscommon. The name is also found in Tipperary, Mayo and Cork. On the 15th, August 1599, some members of the Mullaney's were part of the men of Moylurg who defended the pass over the Curlew Mountains against the English defeating them in the ensuing battle.
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The surname is Irish.
Census records show that it was the most popular name in Waterford once upon a time.
It was also spelt O'Mullaney, Mullany, Mulaney and Mulleeny.
It was found in Kilkenny and Roscommon and Mayo.
Many people with this surname moves to Lancashire and Yorkshire in England.

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