How Do You Say Food In Hindi?


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The word 'food' in Hindi is said 'Khaa-naa'. This is how you would say the word if you were using it in conversation.

If you wish to write the word, then it is written like 'भोजन'. As the the Hindi language uses a different script to us.

There are sites that provide useful words and phrases of most languages, which are helpful if you are travelling and just need certain words to make it easier to communicate.

As 'food' is quite a common word, one that might be used in simple communication, it is likely that this word and words like this, can be found on these websites.

If you want to find out how to write the word then I would advise using the free translation services provided on most search engines. These are most accurate when you type in one word at a time, and the written translation will appear.

I have made a list of word that also might be useful to you, it contains some common foods and food related words. 

  • Aloo- Potato
  • Anda- Egg
  • Chawal- Rice
  • Chini- Sugar
  • Doohd- Milk
  • Gosht- Meat
  • Kela- Banana
  • Machhli- Fish
  • Murg- Chicken
  • Piaz- Onions
  • Roti- Bread
  • Sev- Apple

I hope these are of some use to you! 

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