What Is Chamomile In Hindi?


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Chamomile is कैमोमाइल in Hindi, this is phonetically pronounced 'Kaimoma'ila'.

  • Google translate is your friend
Anytime you need to know what a translation is from English to another language, you can use the Google Translate program. It is a handy program that shows you the word as it would be written, how you say it phonetically, and an audible recording of the pronunciation. So, if you want to know how 'chamomile' in Hindi would sound you could try this link;'hi'chamomile You then select the listen button and it will provide you with a voice saying the Hindi version.

  • Why not play around with the website?
You can also play around with the site to determine what other ways you can say 'chamomile' if you wish. Google Translate offers almost every language. You just have to select English to the language you want to translate to. In other words, you could select Chinese and find out that the phonetic spelling is Huang Chunju.
Sometimes you may not be able to get all the translation options, such as testing out Hebrew. In Hebrew the only thing that showed up was the word written in Hebrew script. The translation program did not offer a listen or phonetic spelling of 'chamomile'.

It is nice to know that the program exists since you can use it when you are traveling via logging in with your phone. If you are sitting at a café and need to order a food item you can just find the translation and then repeat it to the waiter. You can also use it to try and communicate during the buying process if you are going to get a souvenir. Keep in mind the program does not conjugate verbs for you, but you can at least get close to what you want to say and hopefully make the process easier.

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