How Do You Say What's Up In Hindi?


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In Hindi, the phrase "what's up?" would appear, when written down, as follows:
क्या हो रहा है.

In order for English speaking readers to pronounce this phrase, the phonetic spelling (the phonetic spelling of a word or phrase is when the word is written down exactly as it is pronounced) as follows:

Kyā hō rahā hai

Standard Hindi is one of the 22 languages spoken in India. The Hindi language is known by a number of names, including Standard Hindi, Modern Standard Hindi and Manak Hindi. Recent figures suggest that approximately 248.6 million people speak Hindi or Urdu, with Urdu being the national language of Pakistan, as well as being spoken widely throughout India. Though many native speakers of these languages class them as two entirely different and distinct tongues, in reality, there are very little phonetic, grammatical or structural differences between the two languages, and speakers of Urdu and Hindi can communicate perfectly well with one another.

As well as being spoken in India, Standard Hindi is also heard widely throughout Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Mauritius. There are also substantial immigrant communities in countries such as the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where the predominant language is Hindi. The influence and scope of Hindi in countries such as the United Kingdom, where Hindi is exclusively seen and used in certain immigrant communities on publications such as shop window signs, has been the subject of heated debate.

There are a number of online translators which you can use in order to translate from English to Hindi and back again. One of the most famous and well-used translators can be found at, and is Google's own translator facility. In the first dropdown menu, you should choose the language you wish to translate from - in the second, you choose the language you wish to translate to. This translator is quick, easy to use and free, although you may find that the translations can be deadly literal rather than flexibly figurative!
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Kya haal hai.

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