What Is The Definition Of The Surname Jett?


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The last name 'Jett' comes from the English word 'Jet'. The word 'Jet' means a dark black colour. Anything that is as dark as black which cannot be seen through is called Jet. For example if the colour of somebody's eyes is black, some people refer to it as 'Jet Black' eyes. The word 'Jet' denotes the intensity and the aggression of the colour.

It is the most opaque colour ever to be found in the world. Jet is also a mineral which is very dark and black in colour and resembles a mineral which is like a coal. Jett was also a name of a very old city in Greece which existed more than a thousand years ago.

Charles Jett and Karina Jett are two most professional poker players in the world who hail from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.

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