How Do You Spell 'Paul' In The Polish Language?


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In Polish, the name Paul has several different variants... 

The most popular  Polish equivalent is spelt 'Pawel'. But some alternative spellings to this are 'Pawelek' and 'Pawlik.'

Although common in England and in Poland, the name originated from Latin, and was one of the original Roman names.

In Poland it is the 7th most popular male name. Its meaning has something to do with the word "small" or "humble", and the name has its roots in biblical origins.

Names are often spelt differently in different languages. A fact that I think is interesting about Polish names is that all female Polish names have to end in an 'A'. Even if the name has an English equivalent.

For example:

  • Alicja in replacement of Alice
  • Dorota in replacement of Dorothy
  • Emilia in replacement of Emily

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