What Is The Definition Of Cognitive Development?


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The developmental process by which an infant becomes an intelligent person, acquiring knowledge with growth and improving his or her ability to think, learn, reason, and abstract. Jean Piaget demonstrated the orderly sequence of this process from early infancy through childhood
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The Theory of Cognitive Development, first developed by Jean Piaget, proposes that there are four distinct, increasingly sophisticated stages of mental representation that children pass through on their way to an adult level of intelligence
Sensorimotor period (years 0–2)
Infants are born with a set of congenital reflexes that allow them to float in the heavily dense world, according to Piaget, in addition to a drive to explore their world.

Preoperational Period (years 2–7)

The Preoperational stage is the second of four stages of cognitive development. By observing sequences of play,

Concrete operational stage  (years 7–11)

The Concrete operational stage is the third of four stages of cognitive development in Piaget's theory. This stage, which follows the Preoperational stage, occurs between the ages of 7 and 11 years and is characterized by the appropriate use of logic

Formal operational stage (years 12 and up)

The formal operational period is the fourth and final of the periods of cognitive development in Piaget's theory. This stage, which follows the Concrete Operational stage, commences at around 12 years of age (puberty) and continues into adulthood. It is characterized by acquisition of the ability to think abstractly, reason logically and draw conclusions from the information available, as well as apply all these processes to hypothetical situations. During this stage the young adult is able to understand such things as love, "shades of gray", logical proofs, and values.
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Cognitive development to me is The development of Cognitive & learning skills ; it includes Cognitive like development of concepts , problem solving eq. Math equation. , creativity & concentration of memory.

This might not be right but please tell me if its wrong or not? =D

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