Is This The Correct Way To Spell 'Licorice'?


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The correct spelling is liquorice or licorice.
which is a rhizome or root, from which the sweets or the liquor(from where the name derives) is extracted.

In Italy, France, Greece and across the continent, the root is used to make the various liquors or appreciate with a liquorice or aniseed taste.
In France it is Pernod, which is widely drunk mixed with water, which turns it milky . Turkey and Greece have a similar drink, drunk across Greece (as Ouzo) and in Turkey, in different forms. Headache producing, to those not used to it, it is nevertheless drunk like water by the locals.

Liquorice as a sweet, in the form of strips or plaits and lozenges are found across the world.

The Scandinavians favour a very salty type of liquorice, that is an acquired taste, but nevertheless they long for when away from home.
As a natural remedy the root is used to aid digestion and to assist in that and chest congestion.

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