What Is The Correct Spelling Of Acknowledgement?


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The word ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is a noun from the verb 'acknowledge'. The most common spelling mistakes for this noun are acknowlegement (dropping the 'd') and acknoledgement (dropping the 'w'). Some people actually spell it as acknowledgment in which the 'e' has been dropped, but this way is also acceptable as well as acknowledgement. An acknowledgement is a statement or action, which recognizes that something exists or is true.

Some examples of putting this noun into a sentence are:
  • The football players' retirement appears to be an acknowledgement that he has reached an age where it is no longer safe to play
  • She turned the heating off due to her acknowledgement of the expensive gas bills
  • The driver decided to stay in today because of his acknowledgement of the icy roads
Sometimes it can be necessary to write a letter or email of acknowledgement to someone or to a company. This is most common in response to another's action or query. For example, when you sign up or register to a website or store online, an email of acknowledgement would usually be sent to you to inform you that your registration is complete and has been fully successful. Another example is the acknowledgment of a receipt or someone's absence, e.g.

  • I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the following documents
  • Because the manager is out of office, I am therefore acknowledging receipt of your letter

Letters of acknowledgement are overall useful for confirmation and validating actions and questions.
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According to Webster's New World Dictionary, you can spell this word as either acknowledgment or acknowledgement. It is really down to personal preference.

In the UK, though, the convention would be to spell it as acknowledgement in the same way that judgement is the norm.

In the US, this word would usually be rendered as acknowledgment in the same way that the predominant spelling of judgment is with only one 'e'.
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The correct spelling of this word is "acknowledgement" .The New Oxford dictionary says so.
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'acknowledgement' or 'acknowledgment' are both correct. With or without the 'e' after the letter 'd.'
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