How Do I Use The Word Alleged In A Sentence?


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Example1: It was alleged that he stole the car.In other words, someone said that or I heard that he stole the car but I have to "cover my assets" just in case it can't be proved true and he might sue me for saying so.

Example2: The alleged assailant was taken into custody.Again, I don't have proof that he assailed anyone, so I don't assert it; I merely say that someone has alleged (claimed)  that he assailed someone. This covers my tenders in case he wants to get back at me.

Note that newspeople tend to use "alleged" a lot. That way you set the shock value without the risk of repercussions. Usually, once a jury has convicted someone of a crime, you can drop the term "alleged." For example, "The murderer was remanded into the custody of federal officials."

Some wimpy or ignorant people persist in using "alleged" even when there is no risk of suit for  defamation of character.

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