What Does Iniquity Mean In Biblical Terms?


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In the bible, especially the old testament, iniquity is used many times along with the word sin. The meaning of iniquity in biblical terms is literally perverseness or crookedness. For example; evil which is not considered to be straight, upright or moral.

  • Sin and Iniquity
As mentioned before, these two words are two of the most common words used in the old testament and are in fact in over 70 verses in the bible. They often appear in parallel to each other. A good example of this is in Psalms 38: 18 where it is written; "For I will declare mine iniquity; I will be sorry for my sin"

In this context, the word sin is used to connote the wrong doing. It is the general word for doing something that is not morally right.  At first glance it would seem that sin and iniquity mean the same as they both are referencing wrong doing and committing crimes against God. However, they may be both connected to doing the wrong thing but they do not have the same meaning.

  • The difference between iniquity and sin
When the bible makes references to sins and sinning they are referring to the act of doing something wrong and the physical crime that they have committed. But, when iniquity is referred to this is more to describe the character or nature of the act rather than simply committing the act.

  • Etymology
The word iniquity comes from the word in-equity which refers to something that is unequal, unfair or unjust.
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It means preversness, to be bent or crooked, to be wrung out of course! It signifies not merely that which is wrong, but the tendency to do wrong! This lies in the disposition and nature and not merely in an act of breaking the law. It is nothing more or less then the spirit and nature of the Devil working in the children of disobediance. John.8:44..Eph.2:1-3..1John.3:8 and Rev.12:9...Genaveve
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Iniquity means some that is not pure in heart, thought and in character, e.g an immoral behavior.
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Iniquity means sins, the transgressing of the law. It means turning away from God or not seeking God. Foolish thoughts and self-deception. That which is not of faith and against conscience. Iniquity is of the world or flesh and defiles and enslaves a person.
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Iniquity has its origin in the Latin word iniquus which means harmful or unjust. It is formed of two parts: the Latin prefix 'in' which means 'not' and 'aequus.' Aequus means equal. Later, it was adapted by the Old French and modified by the Middle English as iniquite. An immoral act is called iniquity.vfThe plural of iniquity is iniquities. When someone commits a crime or injustice, he is said to have done an iniquity.

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