What Is The Meaning Of Salt In Biblical Sense?


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Centuries ago salt was very valuable. Roman soldiers were paid in salt . Indians barted for salt. In the Levitical offerings in Lev.2:13 the anchient custom contracts and agreements were binding by both parties eating salt. It also applies to the salt of the covenant of thy God for us! The cross. God the Fathers part the propiritor and mans part the 2nd part reconciliation. We are in covenant with God through Christs blood.Salt perserves- eternal life! John.3:16.. We are the salt in the earth. Mat.5:13 salt is supose to make one thirsty we can lose its savor where our words mean nothing If we don't stay In the Word! Also salt can have a negative result such as Lots wife when she looked back.Gen.19:15,17,26..God promised if anyone looked back they would be consumed in judgment!the pillar of salt was evidence of that promise,God could not go back on His Word It became binding it could not be broken as salt is in any contract! Genaveve
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In those times salt was used more as a preserving agent than for seasoning. But you have to look at the example in context to discern meaning.

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