What Is A Blind Ad?


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A blind ad is one which does not reveal the identity of the advertiser. There are essentially two kinds of blind ads. Agencies sometimes use blind ads as a gimmick to arouse the curiosity of the audience. It arouses curiosity because the audience will not be aware of the target of the ad. Agencies will run this kind of ad for a few days before revealing the client and the product.

The other kind of blind ad is the one that is used by advertisers in classifieds. In order to contact the advertiser the individual will have to drop a letter at an anonymous post box number. This ad is adopted to protest the identity of the advertiser. This is most commonly used in the case of matrimonial ads or dating sites. A variation of the blind ad has been used as a revenue model by various websites who specialize as a market place. If it is a networking site, they will post the profiles of individuals without giving out the contact details.

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